Bobbie’s Western Wear

Rocky’s first wife, Bobbie, and their four children loved and enjoyed horses and they always dreamed of owning a western apparel store.  So they decided to open one in West Monroe, Louisiana and  called it Bobbie’s Western Wear.  The people who had an appreciation for all things western could purchase hats, boots, jewelry and, of course, western apparel.

The western store soon became more than just an apparel store for me.  It became the meeting place for the members of their motorcycle club – Rock City Riders.  When he was in town, all the riders would show up at the store and we would all take off on long rides into the countryside and would ride on into the night.

Rocky loves giving to others and receives great joy in presenting gifts to his family and friends from the western store.  I enjoy giving for no particular reason except to share my blessings with others.  It is his way of giving back to the people that mean the most to him.  Like the time he gave to each of his dear friends, Billy and B.I., a pair of alligator boots with the matching belt and buckle to go with them.  You could say that the element of surprise and the expression of happiness on their faces was his reward.

During this time, he was working for Chart House, Inc, which was very demanding most of the time.  He was constantly traveling to several states, selecting sites to build Burger King Restaurants.  His family was located in Monroe and his corporate office was in New Orleans, and needless to say, he was rarely ever home.  And when he was, it was for short periods of time.

The western store business was doing well in spite of the fact that I was giving everything away.  But after five years, it had become too demanding and time consuming for Bobbie to handle by herself.  So they decided to sell the western wear business to two good friends, who already had another apparel store.