Checker’s Drive-In Restaurants

Another one of Rocky’s business achievements, was one in which he was involved  from the beginning – starting a new restaurant concept reaped a surmountable amount of his interest.  In the beginning, he was contacted by two individuals who had opened a double drive-through restaurant named Checker’s in Mobile, Alabama.  They proposed that he join them in their venture to grow from one restaurant to a chain of restaurants.  After a year of continued contact from the owners, he finally agreed to get involved and began securing investment funds.  Rocky contacted one of his friends, Herb Brown of Clearwater, Florida, who had previously mentioned to him that he wanted to be considered if he found an investment opportunity in the restaurant industry.  Herb decided to take part in that venture and agreed to finance it.

From the beginning, Checker’s Restaurants did very well and much can be attributed to his site selection for each restaurant and the assemblage of key personnel in the start-up of the company.  Rocky also brought in former experienced Burger King personnel, who held executive positions at Chart House, Inc., such as; a former Corporate Vice President of Operations, Director of Operations in Virginia, the Comptroller for the State of  Illinois and a Regional Director of Operations, just to mention a few.   He also initiated the use of many purveyors of meat patty distribution and sign manufacturing.  Besides locating the real estate for the restaurant sites, he also contributed to most of the design, re-designs of the building and the construction and took the responsibility of franchising Checker’s.  Rocky served as Vice-President of Real Estate and served on the original Board of Directors that set the guidelines for Checker’s apparent success.

Unfortunately, an unsolvable disagreement between Rocky and the other original stock holders led to a parting of ways.  A lawsuit was later filed by the trustee of the trust, who owned the original issued stock, which later led to a settlement of the parties outside of court, with the agreement not to disclose the details of the settlement.

Rocky moved back to Lafayette, Louisiana from Clearwater, Florida, which his residence from 1984 to 1991 and the home base of Checker’s beginnings.