Derek Development Corporation

Rocky’s last child born was his son named Derek Vincent Robin who was born June 3, 1981. Ten days later, on June 13, as well as Rocky’s own birthday, he formed his real estate development company and named it Derek Development Corporation, L.L.C. (DDC). The function of this company was to expand into one of the more active and successful real estate development firms, with office locations in Clearwater, Florida and Lafayette, Louisiana. DDC is still very active in several aspects of real estate and development in Louisiana with much of the development focused on the medical field. Some of these include six hospitals, fifteen free standing surgery centers, two rehabilitation hospitals, five medical office buildings, a nursing home and about twenty pharmacies and various others.

Rocky considers one particular development his greatest triumph, the project is called The Lake Charles Power Center located in Lake Charles, Louisiana. It consists of 100 acres of land and is his prize accomplishment although it demanded a lot of his time and energy.

The Lake Charles Power Center is a shopping center consisting of one million square feet of retail space. At the time, the Walmart chain was still testing a new concept of adding groceries to their stores. Rocky flew to Bentonville, Arkansas to meet with Walmart executives in a private airplane that belonged to his friend and partner in another development in Scott, Louisiana. He had only fifteen (15) minutes to present his development plan to Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, which was all the time they allowed. Rocky left that meeting proud and successful with their approval and the understanding that they would build the first Super Walmart Center in Louisiana in The Lake Charles Power Center and it was only the eleventh store being built in the entire Walmart chain at the time.

A company brochure of Derek Development Corporation, L.L.C. is shown, which represents only a partial list of achievements. Many similar projects in the last few years are not listed, since the brochure has not been recently updated since the year 2000.

Rocky can’t say enough praise to the many wonderful people who have been associated or employed by DDC. Many of them gave a lot of support and dedication to each project, from beginning to the successful completion.

One person in particular stands out, that being Janita LeBleu, his talented and extraordinary executive right hand for 15 years.

Rocky is also extremely proud to have Stacie Robin Sibille as Chief Operating Officer (COO) working for Derek Development Corporation, L.L.C. In the short time Stacie has had this position, she has demonstrated to be a great asset to the business, having quickly learned the importance of each client as well as initiating a project and taking it to fruition by shadowing her father, Rocky. He is proud of his daughter’s accomplishments and holds her dear in a special place in his heart because she has grabbed the bull by the horns, thereby securing the family name in association with DDC and he knows and trusts her to keep it alive and successful long after the time comes when he will have decided to step aside.