Evangeline Racetrack/Casino

Rocky’s two friends Billy Trotter and B.I. Moody, III, previously mentioned, who own Evangeline Downs Race Track, asked him to find a property site conducive to relocating Evangeline Downs from Lafayette Parish. The land had to be large enough to accommodate a future expansive development. Although the owners had acquired a gaming license to expand on these services at their old location in Carencro, the Voters of Lafayette Parish, Louisiana voted against gambling, which made their relocation plans a necessity.

St. Landry Parish, Louisiana is an adjoining neighbor of Lafayette Parish and it seemed logical to go in that direction. Rocky proceeded to assemble 650 acres owned by about 35 different owners in St. Landry Parish. That process took an agonizing 5 years. He would never admit it, but it took a lot of effort, patience and time and his negotiations were often challenging, tedious, complicated and sometimes nearly impossible. Once, property owners found out who his client was, their personalities changed to being difficult, stubborn and filled with greed. Not all the land owners were like that, but mostly there was always someone, who would not be satisfied with a fair value price.

Of course everything has a reason; Rocky’s reward is the satisfaction that there is in existence today, a 100 million dollar development, which is not only a beautiful facility, but also an extremely successful operation and still growing. We can see another job well done. The existence of this development in spite of many frustrations is no doubt another example of Rocky’s tenacious, unrelenting determination, his “never say fail” attitude.

He is and always will be considered one of the most respected site selectors in the country. He has a reputation to be an expert in his field, who has a tough negotiating style, yet sympathetic and fair, who would never take advantage of someone not familiar with the business. He is known for including a few extra benefits for the owner. In quote, an executive of a major restaurant chain once said; “I would rather have Rocky on my side than the other side, whether buying or selling”.