Scott Westgate 10

One day Billy Trotter and I were going to Crowley, LA to visit B.I. Moody and in route we passed a vacant piece of property at the Southeast corner of I-10 and Hwy 93 in Scott, LA.  Billy told me that we should try to buy the property and I would develop it.  We told B.I. Moody about it and we all agreed that we would like to go forward.  I had to locate approximately 25 descendants of the Begnaud family, but I finally got all to agree to sell it and we bought 31 acres for $825,000.

I designed a development plan and started making calls to prospective tenants.  I was able to interest a Howard Johnson Hotel and a Shell service station at first.  We continued to sell all of the property and profited over 1.7 million.  I feel the biggest catch was the landing of the local Harley Davidson motorcycle dealership.  This is what really got the momentum going and the rest just started happening.  I also handled the marketing and sales, as well as all the design and development.

When I first presented the development to the Scott City Council, I was faced with a lot of resistance and they refused to help me with infrastructure, but with my constant insistence and persuasion, I finally got them to agree to fund at least some of the work for the utilities.  When I started the project, Scott had just lost Sam’s Wholesale as a tax paying business to Scott who was concerned about getting someone else to come to Scott to replace them.  I replaced them with my development within two years after starting.  Today, with all of the new businesses the City of Scott is realizing far more tax revenues that Sam’s Wholesale could ever have paid.

Before Expenses for roads, real estate commissions and other fees the partnership received a gross statement of approximately $3,250,000.00 or about four times the initial investment.  This was one of the more successful ventures that I have put together.

Today, Scott and the Westgate 10 development are thriving, even in these tough economic times.  Not only is it one of the proudest accomplishments for me, but also for the City of Scott.  The businesses which are located in the development are many and varied in uses.  They are: Cracker Barrel Convenient Stores/Shell/Church’s, Howard Johnson Hotel, Cajun Harley Davidson Dealership, Fezzo’s Restaurant, Cingular Regional Call Center, First Turn Motorbikes, McDonald’s/Chevron and future Frito Lay Distribution Center.

A lot of thanks should be given to Mayor Hazel Myers, for it certainly would have been a lot harder to do without her support and dedication to assist us in our development.

My cousin, Charlene Patin owned about 34 acres adjacent to this property to the eastside.  After she passed away I contacted her partner who she had willed it to and was able to convince her to sell the property.

I sold the property to a group of investors headed up by Dan Menard.  The deal was a good one since I had contracted 7 acres to Frito Lay Company for them to build a regional distribution center.  We timed the sales to occur simultaneous and lowered the total price Dan had to come out of pocket.  Since then Dan developed the property into a nice and prosperous venture for he and his group.

I am glad that he did so well, and I feel that I had a large part to do in this development and on the initial 31 acres.  Dan and I are good friends and at one time we even were in business together in a marketing company called “Market Research Services”.  It was one of the first marketing companies in Louisiana and proved to be very successful.  Both of the developments lead the way to another new development that Derek Development Corporation has which is 44 acres in the NW corner of I-10 & Highway 93 named Destination Pointe.  We are developing this property with the owner, Larry Leger, who is a friend and a good partner, along with my children Stacie and Ryan.  Together we bring a lot of synergy, energy and ideas with team work.