Hospitals & Surgery Centers

Rocky has a Kappa Sigma Fraternity friend, Irv Gregory, who was associated with LifeMark Hospital, a National Hospital chain based in Houston, Texas.  He contacted him and they discussed forming a joint venture between the two companies and the possibility of developing Hospitals.  Irv decided to build a new hospital in Opelousas, Louisiana, which is called Doctor’s Hospital and wanted Rocky to locate the property to build it on and Rocky immediately recognized the opportunity and income potential and accepted the offer.  Then he began his research and realized he could take this venture to a higher level.  With his background as a Pharmacist, he knew the feasibility that other physicians or medical related offices would want to locate near the hospital as a convenience.  He found a location for the intended hospital where he could purchase additional land to accommodate his vision of a medical personnel and related office development.  His development included medical office buildings, laboratories, condominiums, nursing homes and convenient strip shopping centers to serve the needs of all medical personnel that worked there.

That business relationship was so successful that they decided to initiate another hospital development in Hammond, Louisiana, which was named Westpark Hospital.  Bill Mackey, the Chairman of the Board of LifeMark Hospital, recognized that the arrangement Irv had with Rocky had a lot of future potential for the hospital since this development included medical office buildings next to or near the hospital and would house physicians.  They would also most likely choose to place their patients within close proximity, choosing the nearest hospital.  LifeMark also asked Rocky to introduce them to an extremely close friend of his, who had a Certificate of Need license for a hospital in Kenner, Louisiana and with his assistance, they were successful in forming a partnership ownership in that hospital.  LifeMark Hospital was later sold to American Medical International (AMI) and several of the top executives who had contributed to its success, decided to move on to other ventures.

Irv Gregory joined with Don Stein as President of Surgical Surgery Centers to start up yet another new company, for the purpose of building free-standing surgery centers and was one of the first in the medical industry to offer this type of surgery option to its patients.

This venture included the purchase of property to build free-standing outpatient surgery centers and whenever possible he purchased enough land to develop similar to the same services that he offered when developing hospitals.  He built surgery centers on the ground floor and the doctor offices on the second and upper floors, depending on the number of physicians included and availability of land.  The company grew to 40 Surgery Centers and later merged with Medical Care International.  Rocky became friends with Rocky Ortenzio, Founder and President of the first single free-standing Rehabilitation Hospital.  They worked together in the development of several such hospitals until his friend sold the company to American Medical International (AMI).  Rocky’s business relationship with several people in Baton Rouge was instrumental in helping him in obtaining 7 Certificates of Need, which were required in order to build these types of hospitals.  However, before they were able to construct them, a moratorium was placed on all new hospitals in Louisiana, therefore they were never developed.