Outback Steakhouse

In 19__, Braxton Moody IV, one of the sons of my longtime friend and business partner, B.I. Moody, bought the franchise rights for Outback Steakhouse for the State of Louisiana.  I was asked to locate the properties for the construction and operation of these restaurants.  I was successful in locating approximately ten sites, which included the franchise group, as well as the parent company.  When B.I and his son Braxton invited me to become an investor in a percentage of this business venture, I accepted and enjoyed the profits of doing good business with good friends.

Braxton Moody IV, did a commendable job in expanding the franchise and later sold them to the parent company of Outback under a prearranged agreement.  It was a cash sale with company stock ownership.  The investors profited extremely well, considering the time they received the stock portion at a very low price, which later rose substantially.