Popeye’s was founded by Al Copeland, a friend of mine who started to franchise the concept and sold the first one for Lafayette to Will Charbonet and Salvas Mallus. They had located and opened their first few restaurants themselves; however, thereafter they decided to engage me to select their ongoing locations.

I located approximately fifteen sites for them and because of my expert ability in securing the new restaurant locations, I was instrumental in their prosperity. Later, they sold the company to a non-restaurant investment group who eventually defaulted on their loan. Faced with this situation, Will called me to ask if I knew of anyone who may be interested in buying the company outright, on a cash basis. I thought about it and later that same evening I prepared a letter of intent and had it executed to secure the price. That also bought me some time to locate a buyer. That night, I called my friend B. I. Moody, who was also the former President and CEO of Chart House, Inc. and asked to meet with him the very next day.

We met and B.I. decided to buy the company. Since it was an ongoing business, it needed a cash infusion, direction and operational expertise. B.I. had all of the above and with his son, Kevin Moody at the helm, they turned the company around. I continued to select their sites until he left for Florida to invest in Checker’s. Today, The Moody Company as it was, now named Dixifoods, Inc. is a thriving enterprise and continues to expand and is highly successful until this day.