Roland Robin & Associates

Roland Robin & Associates, Inc
(Real Estate Company)

Rocky was given an opportunity in 1970 to sell Medical Arts Pharmacy for a handsome profit and decided to do so, realizing that the industry was about to change with discount stores in the near future.

He took off from work for about six months to build a house for his family and also to take a rest long overdue. The demanding schedule of all the companies he was in charge of had earned him this break. Rocky used this time to evaluate the different options afforded him.

In 1963, he had earned his Real Estate Broker’s License and named his company “Robin Realty” and managed the additional business out of an office he built in the Pharmacy building with the assistance of a couple of associates. One salesperson was responsible for residential sales and another for the commercial sales. Once he decided to move this operation to a new location, he changed the company name to Roland L. Robin & Associates.

Rocky preferred the commercial side of the business and realized soon enough that in order to succeed in that business or any other profession, he had to select his preference and master it. He chose commercial site selection for single tenant use, such as; restaurants, banks, convenient stores and service stations, etc.

He decided to call upon a couple of very good friends named Billy and Jimmy Trotter, who had purchased the franchise rights to Burger King for Louisiana. After that first phone call, he met with them in New Orleans and although Rocky had little time to learn much less master his craft, they decided to allow him to work with them in selecting a couple of site locations for their franchise. After delivering some outstanding restaurant sites, Billy and Jimmy decided that Rocky would be an asset to their company. They decided to invite him to join the company to help them develop their real estate program.