To my mom who encouraged me to fly as high and as far as I could on my own.  She always encouraged and supported me in everything that I tried, even when I and others didn’t think it was achievable.  Knowing that she was always there for me gave me strength to fight and continue in my pursuit to reach  my ultimate goal.

Gladys “Toot” Washispack Robin
May 25, 1914 – August 20, 2006


To my pop, who set the example that hard work never hurt anyone.  He also taught me to be truthful, trustworthy and to treat every one with respect.  I never heard him say anything bad about anyone.  I learned from both mom and pop to love your family and to stay close with them and to be there for them should they need you.

Dudley Vincent Robin
February 20, 1913 – February 22, 1984


To my son Derek, who gave me so much joy and happiness, but most important, the knowledge that he loved me unconditionally every day of his young life.  I miss him dearly, but feel that he is in a better place and suffers no more.

Derek Vincent Robin
June 3, 1981 – March 14, 2005

IV To my other four children, Evy, Ryan, Stacie and Ritch who have always been there for me during good and bad times.  They have made me proud of their personal achievements, but more so for their dedication to their families and their families needs.  I love them more today than at any moment in my life.  As they live their lives in relating  to their relation with each of their family members, I recognize the similarities to what parents taught us about love and work principles.

To my grand children and great grand children who have filled my life with more joy that I can express.  I feel so warm and blessed for God giving me all of these reasons for living.  Their beauty and innocence of soul allows me to appreciate the tools my parents tried to instill in me.

VI To my wife Sue, who has lifted me to a level of joy and fulfillment that I never experienced nor thought existed. She has shown me how to love again. Sue gave me confidence to be myself. She unlocked my heart and filled it with trust, respect, warm feelings and the ability to deal with previous heartaches.
VII I want to thank Bobbie and Barbara, the mothers of my children, for without them I would not have the wonderful children, grand children and great grandchildren I have today.