Rocky was always respected and well liked in whatever community he lived.  He was asked to serve on the board of The Quachita Business Men Association in Monroe, Louisiana and later served as their Vice President.  Besides extending help to the poor and people that were ill, by organizing financial contributions and personal time and involvement, the club and its members was also very involved with the political course of local and State wide elections.

He got very involved in the State Governors Election, which was always very interesting, not to mention informative, especially in Louisiana Politics.  A couple of political races for State Governor summoned Rocky’s attention and he got very involved in the election process, one being the race that elected Governor John J. McKeithen.  Through his direct political support and involvement in that campaign, he and Gov. McKeithen became good friends.  The Governor would visit the Medical Arts Pharmacy about one Sunday each month whereby the Governor’s automobile with his well known #1 license plate, was boldly displayed at his arrival.  He enjoyed the VIP treatment he received from the Governor, getting many red carpet invitations to the Louisiana State Capital and Louisiana Governor’s Mansion dinners, luncheons and other functions.   Governor McKeithen was tremendously popular and was the first Governor elected to two consecutive 4-year terms in office in Louisiana.

Another Louisiana State Governor who became a friend was Governor Edwin W. Edwards.  He also served two consecutive 4-year terms as Governor of Louisiana and due to term-limit laws, could not serve an additional consecutive 4 years.  He was not only intelligent and seemed to have a photographic memory, but most of all his Cajun charm and personable personality had a huge effect on the population believing in him and his capabilities.  Being well liked was an understatement; he was loved and down to earth.  Governor Edwards waited those 4 years while practicing law in Crowley, Louisiana, then won another 4-year term election for Governor.  Governor Edwards attended many of the ground breaking and ribbon cutting ceremonies for the grand openings for Rocky’s developments.  Their friendship afforded him the pleasure of meeting many political acquaintances and making friendships on all levels of politics that have lasted to this day.