Ryan Robin’s Letter

When asked to describe my father, Rocky Robin, I knew it would not be simple because he is not a simple man. He has two very distinct sides, the game player and the intellectual. He’s bright, witty, and a great conversationalist; loves to talk and people love to listen. All his life he has been a huge flirt, and so charming to anyone who is near. He is a dreamer and capable of wonderful flights of fancy. He is committed to family, friends and business and can be counted on as much as a dual-sided man can be counted on for anything. But, all should know and remember he values his freedom very much! Dad is very independent and has so many more interests to pursue and people to charm that I’m sure the thought of staying in one place probably makes him shiver.

My father is a born mimic and talent is his middle name – be it public speaking, singing, acting, music or some other form of artistic expression. He is ruled by his head rather than by his feelings but when he is in the mood, is exceptionally creative. His love of variety prompts him to explore… Thus, dad has wandered up lots of meaningful highways to satisfy a passing curiosity – all the while, learning from and sharing his experiences.

Ryan Robin